Founding – Prologue

Ric Alfred is a migrant worker who works in the US. Upon the completion of his contract of employment, he is now awaiting to board a Philippine Airline flight back home to Manila.

Working overseas is stressful so he really misses his homeland the Philippines and he really wants to go home now. In irony however, he doesn’t really want to go straight into his house because he has a broken family. His mother died right after he was born and after that, his father has sunk into depression.

He just wants to spend time with his close college friends. That said, they will be “bonding” by playing DOTA or Defense of the Ancients. Ric was still grade 6 when he started to play this and now he is already 26 and still continues to play his “hobby”.

They don’t usually drink or go to bars but when they play video games, their teamwork is unmatched. Also their trash talk too is unmatched.

“Flight PR 776 bound for Manila is now boarding. Passengers on this flight, please proceed to Gate 377.”

“I’d better prepare now so that I won’t be left behind.” Ric thought upon hearing the PA. He immediately readied his passport and boarding pass and his handcarry luggage, then fell in line on the boarding gate. Moments later, he entered the aircraft and secured his things then took his seat. He was situated on a window seat but the view outside is obstructed by the aircraft wings so its.. useless.

“We are now preparing for departure. May we request our passengers to please refrain from moving around at this moment. Thank you.”

This is the problem with us Filipinos. We are so organized on other countries but if we’re on our own nation – we’re too hardheaded. The passengers are still on the PAL aircraft and the flight attendant just made an announcement but still them passengers are moving. This is why the motherland is not improving at all.

Even with all the disorder, the passengers settled down eventually. The screens now displayed the aircraft’s safety features like how to use a seatbelt. Ric isn’t interested in these things so he just read the safety card on the seat pocket in front of him.


Shortly thereafter, the cabin crew also took their seats and the plane has now departed.

[SFX: Swoooosh!]


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